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Q: Doc, do you take commissions?
A: Why, yes, of course. Not often, though.

Q: Are there any general rules for your commissions?
A: Not really, but there are several taboos. First of all, I generally paint PG-13-rated images; I can add blood or sexual themes, yet I don't enjoy painting porn. I don't do detailed backgrounds unless you are willing to spare extra money. Also I'm not amused when you ask me to paint somebody whose anatomy I don't know well or somebody I don't like, just because this way I cannot be sure of the image quality.

Q: So you only paint the stuff you like, don't you?
A: Yes, and I think that's fair. See, it's simple: the more I like the characters, the more effort I put into painting them. Since there's quite a lot of characters I do like, it is safe to say I can paint almost anything.

Q: How can you tell if you can paint some particular image?
A: I always check if I can physically paint the image you'd like to have as a result before starting the serious work, so that I can guarantee it's possible.

Q: I want this and that to be done, now take my money!
A: No, I shall not. You pay me for work only when it's finished and approved from both sides.

Q: How long does it take to finish a commissioned work?
A: That depends on the specific work. Some get done within one evening. Some get revisited for weeks.

Q: What is the average number of commissions in progress you are usually working at?
A: One. I don't take several commissions at one time, because I want to be fully focused on one task and do it right.

Q: How do I know if you're working on a commission?
A: Check the top of this FAQ: there's my current status. If it says "off", that means I'm working on something (or: I'm tired, ill, asleep, on vacation, in a wood, collecting mushrooms...) and cannot take any orders right now. If it says "on"... there you go, I'm open for ideas!

Q: What's your pricing policy?
A: Easy to calculate. First we talk things through and I check if I can do what you want, and then we can choose from the following options:
• a rough sketch, lines only, non-printable size - 5 $ (extra character: + 2 $)
• a detailed sketch, grey shading, non-printable size - 10 $ (extra character: + 5 $)
• a detailed graphic drawing in shades of grey, printable size -25 s (extra character: + 5 $)
• a rough painting in color, non-printable size - 3o $ (extra character: + 10 $)
• a detailed printable painting in full color - 40-50 $ (extra character: + 1oS)
• adding detailed background starts with 15 $ and depends on the complexity of the work.

If you want a fully painted detailed design for printing on t-shirts, book covers, posters, etc., and the quantity of the prints is going to be over 100 pieces, the price starts from 300 $ (but is negotiable in any specific case).

Q: I want a pink dragon with butterfly wings and the face of drunken Benedict Cumberbatch carrying Clark Gregg dressed in a pirate hat and kevlar thongs into the sunset over the valleys of the Seven Kingdoms!
A: What were you smoking? Please, share! Also, I'm sure we can talk this over and make the image a bit saner. Or, I can do it... if you promise you'll NEVER show it to Benedict Cumberbatch and Clark Gregg, unless it was them who suggested the idea!




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volle kraft voraus by erebus-odora
volle kraft voraus
oil (mostly indigo blue), canvas, 40 x 75 cm
painted while singing along to german songs about the seas and storms
sold to a love

{komm geh mit mir, übers wasserübers meer © unheilig}
requested :: many faces by erebus-odora
requested :: many faces

So a few days ago I asked you lot if you’d like to see some gore or some flowers when I try to paint one of Edward Hogg’s faces. Some of you said both. A few asked for flowers. Lots of you asked for blood.

I honestly can’t decide, choose the one you like; it’s the same face, just with different… decoration.



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